TheUSES® Energy System Provides Energy Savings and Power Conditioning to Residential and Commercial Clients

Save 5 to 25% with a US Energy Saver System


Improve your bottom line, despite the rising costs of energy, when you invest in the Universal Shunt Efficiency System.  As an authorized distributor, US Energy Saver will provide you with an onsite demonstration to show you how the Universal Shunt Efficiency System, USES®, will increase your Power Factor and reduce your energy consumption, Apparent Power, and increase your energy savings. How USES® Works

The Universal Shunt Efficiency System is an all-inclusive system that provides energy savings and power conditioning which is used for all residential, commercial and industrial applications. This multifaceted system increases efficiency and capacity through harmonic filtration, energy conversion and power factor correction.

Beer AnalogyIncrease Savings by Reducing:

  • True kilowatt demand (the beer)
  • Reduces the apparent power kva (the beer and foam)
  • Reduces the reactive power KVAr from outside sources (the foam)
  • Power surges and spikes
  • Motor devaluation and maintenance requirements
  • Total current content and harmonics

The USES® technology is dynamic, passive, resonance-free and reduces kW demand and kWh consumption through five methods:

  1. Magnetic phase balancing of voltage and current to reduce waste, demand, friction and heat in loads
  2. Passive resonance-free power factor correction to reduce the demand of reactive non-power currents
  3. Harmonic filtering of non-power currents to reduce the billed kWh consumption
  4. Transient energy conversion through the surge protections self-healing magnetic chokes – energy above and below the operational voltage of a facility is absorbed, re-constituted, and returned to the customer as usable power
  5. Proprietary chokes generate a current from each phase that is injected into the adjacent phases as usable power, reducing magnetic fields

It has been found that the unique arrangement of chokes provides substantial reductions in power usage. The immediate benefit is a verifiable reduction of electric utility bills.  Additionally, equipment life is increased while maintenance and downtime are reduced.

The USES® technology employs self-healing magnetic chokes and metal oxide varistors as its two forms of surge and spike protection.

The units are not custom-built per loads, but are specifically and intentionally placed throughout a facility according to the operational demands. They will help protect against damage from surges, sags and phasing, and are maintenance-free with an expected life greater than 17 years. They are VFD or any control system compatible.

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