Your “Efficient” Solution to Energy Savings

US Energy Saver’s power-saving systems consistently guarantee our customers a minimum savings of 8% annually by regulating and condition the amount of electricity that you use and it pays for itself within two years or less and continues to produce these savings for up to 17 years or longer!  GUARANTEED!!!

To summarize the technology, our systems reduce real power demand (KW) and real power consumption (KWh) using 5 separate methods, in addition to two forms of surge protection.

  • Surge and Spike Protection
  • Voltage and Current Balancing
  • Transient Voltage Surge Suppression (TVSS)
  • Harmonics Mitigation
  • Passive Power Factor Correction

Our NO maintenance systems include:

  1. Improved Reliability of Your Equipment
  2. 100% Performance Guarantee
  3. 5-Year Warranty
  4. 17 year or greater life expectancy
  5. Five minutes is all you’ll need to navigate this site following these links.

The documents on the downloads page .  

From there review the tabs under Energy Savings and then go to Validation to view a few completed projects.

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