US Energy Saver Saves Money on Your Electric Bill…Guaranteed!

US Energy Saver’s power-saving systems regulate and condition the amount of electricity that you use. This equipment not only pays for itself within two years guaranteed, but continues to produce substantial savings for years to come; up to 25% savings on your energy bill! The US Energy Saver System utilizing USES®, Universal Shunt Efficiency System technology, is fully compatible with all types of drives and control circuits.

To summarize the technology, our systems reduces real power demand (KW) and real power consumption (KWh) using 5 different methods, in addition to two forms of surge protection.

Passive, resonance free Power Factor correction is just one of five methods. Reductions from magnetic phase balancing (averaging voltage), harmonic filtering, transient conversion and the usable power generated by our choke system reduces real power kW and KWH.

No matter how the Utility Company bills for power, this reduction is a constant and we have demonstrated it to all of our customers. Reducing harmonic currents (non-power currents) reduces the energy purchased that is not usable power and will reduce KWH consumption.

Shunting is another important part of the technology as it makes the system passive and resonance free. The chokes reduce the energy along with all of the other methods mentioned.

Our products have a utility patent from UL, tested and verified for actual performance. The white papers are available. No other device on the market can make such a claim. Yes, other “capacitor” type devices can remove KVar and increase the Power Factor to avoid utility company penalties, however no other device can actually lower the KW and KWh energy use.

We guarantee our savings, so there is no risk to the Customer.

Our no maintenance systems include:

  • Surge and Spike Protection
  • Harmonics Reduction
  • Transient Suppression
  • Phase Balancing and Voltage Improvement
  • Power Factor Correction
  • Improved Reliability of Your Equipment

The equipment requires only simple installation, after which you will immediately begin to realize energy savings.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Save 5 to 25% with a US Energy Saver System.

USES® Patent # 5,105,327

If you have any of the following types of equipment which are known as Inductive Loads: HVAC, Refrigeration, Pumps, Welders, Chillers, Boilers, Elevators, or any other type of motor operated equipment, you need a US Energy Saver System®.

Inductive load - A load that has inductive properties (inductive reactance). Common forms are motors, transformers, wound control gear. Inductive loads can caused excessive voltages to appear when switched. This can damage equipment. The power factor of an installation is also affected by inductive loads.  In general, if it moves, it is an inductive load.

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